Great Foods for Better Bone Health


Beauty may only be skin deep but strength goes down to your bones. Part of staying healthy is eating the right foods to promote bone health. This is especially important in children, whose bones are growing, and older adults who often need extra calcium. According to Sarah Leyland of the National Osteoporosis Society, "many nutrients contribute to bone health, not just calcium and vitamin D. The best advice for bone health is to eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of variety."

On average, adults need 700mg of calcium each day to maintain proper bone health. This is an easily attainable number by simply eating whole, natural foods. Milk, cheese, and other dairy foods are a great source of calcium as are boney fish like sardines and pilchards. Vegans will rejoice to hear that green leafy vegetables like cabbage, okra, and broccoli are high in calcium as are soy beans, nuts, and tofu. The only oddball on the green leafy veggie list is spinach. While spinach may contain a lot of calcium, it also has a high amount of oxalic acid which reduces calcium absorption.

When it comes to vitamin D, many diets are lacking in the proper quantities. Most of the vitamin D our bodies need comes from exposure to the sun. If you're indoors frequently there are a few foods which can help such as eggs, oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon, as well as fortified fat spreads. If you're seriously deficient in vitamin D, your doctor may prescribe a supplement to bring up your levels.

Some research has shown a link between high levels of vitamin A and osteoporosis. If you're at risk of osteoporosis, consider cutting back on foods high in vitamin A such as liver.

Maintaining proper bone health is more than just part of a healthy diet, it is literally the foundation of everything else you do.


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