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These days admitting you need sleep could actually be seen as a weakness. The later you stay up and the more work you accomplish is praised far above the amount of sleep you manage to get in a night. But who’s really winning here? Recent studies show that sleep deprivation may actually alter brain patterns to affect your eating habits in a negative way.

A study performed by Penn Medicine researched 34 individuals who were monitored day and night. The first night everyone got a full night of rest, but in the nights following some were randomly chosen to be sleep-deprived during the remainder of the test period.

The results of the study showed that the participants who were sleep derived had a greater connection to the salience network in their brain, which is linked to physical sensations and emotions, such as a grumbling stomach, embarrassment, pain, or a feeling of thirst. This alteration in brain activity seemed to lead to choices of greater consumption, and consumption of more fatty foods than the participants who got a good night’s rest.

According to one of the senior author’s of this study, Hengyi Rao, Ph D., the side effects of this test of acute sleep deprivation could most likely point to the same type of results occurring from the “chronic partial sleep” that is common in our society today.

Sleep may seem like a small issue in the grand scheme of a busy life, but getting enough of it could actually play a big role in your weight loss goals. It’s the little adjustments like making adequate sleep a priority that will be the building blocks of success in this journey. But we’re right there with you! Come talk to our expert weight loss counselors, because we’re ready to help you build that healthy lifestyle.



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