Shivering Can Increase Your Metabolism

Woman Shivering in the Outdoor Cold

Shivering is a systematic muscle response the body uses to generate heat in the muscles when the body begins to get cold. It not only helps to warm the body, but it will also burn away calories. People who work outside normally burn more calories in the winter time because their body is trying to stay warm. Breathing in cold air and the exposure to the cool air on the skin lower the body's temperature forcing it to find ways to create heat. If the person is wearing an abundance of clothing, they may not begin to shiver right away, but the body is still trying to create heat to keep the lungs and extremities warm.

Because shivering is a natural response, allowing it to kick in on a regular basis can actually help to increase the body's metabolism. Raising your metabolism increases how fast calories are burnt within the body and improves the body's ability to function efficiently. The more the body shivers, the more the metabolism begins to react to the body's response. Spending time outside in the cooler weather can actually cause the body's endocrine system to function better and maintain healthier hormone levels for longer periods of time.

While you don't have to spend days at a time outside in the cold to notice improvement, a few hours here and there can fine tune the way your body handles cooler temperatures. Letting yourself shiver for a few minutes each time you go outside can help to regulate your metabolism, much like exercise conditions the heart and lungs. Go outside and spend some time in the cooler temperatures, the fresh, crisp air will do your body good.


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