How to Stop Father Time

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No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to stop Father Time. Some of us will age faster than others. Even though it will happen to all of us, how fast it happens is a personal choice. You can either do what it takes to remain active, healthy and as youthful as possible, or you can let yourself go and watch Father Time swoop in and have his way with you. Your genetic makeup will determine a good portion of how your body responds to the aging process. The rest is up to you.

Exercise is a key element when it comes to good health and how your body responds to the aging process. The more active you are, the better your circulation is. Sufficient blood flow is needed to provide the tissues with oxygen and the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Exercise is also important to keep muscles, bones and joints healthy and moving as they were intended. Increasing your level of physical activity can also reduce stress and frustration that can cause your body to be more susceptible to illness and injury.

When it comes to skin tone and texture, proper care is needed for the it to remain supple and pliable. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Don't use harsh cleansers and moisturize when your skin is noticeably dry. As the biggest organ in the human body, the skin requires an abundance of vital nutrients. It's also important to limit your exposure to environmental pollutants that can damage your skin. Cigarette smoke and other airborne contaminants can dry out your skin, causing it to look wrinkled and worn.


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