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It is often said that changing day to day habits is one of the toughest things to do.  It is often spoken of when talking about dieting and weight loss.  Losing weight is tough for everybody, but for a significant proportion of people, those that have the most trouble losing weight and keeping the fat off, there is an emotional component that no amount of dieting, exercise, or even surgery, can impact. 

People who have tried many times to lose weight, only to fail, may wish to add another component to their weight loss regime to increase their chances.  This is so important that there are recommendations for formal psychological evaluation attached to the surgical checklists for the evaluation of weight loss patients.  This is to ensure that they have no behavioral reason that they could not stick to the doctor's post surgical instructions on how to eat.

Diet and exercise can be much more effective for these individuals if they seek counseling about their problems.  Simply touching base regularly with someone can help somewhat, but until they are aware of the emotional component as they overeat or eat badly, the pattern will continue.

Many levels and varieties of counseling are available for individuals who need a little more help to meet their short and long term weight loss goals.   One-on-one counseling and support groups such as Overeaters Anonymous are available so that there are choices as to the style of help and support that each individual can seek.  Many options are available to help these different methods fit into a busy life.  Overeaters Anonymous in particular is a 12-step program, and offers many ways to stay in contact with the local support network, and helps each individual develop a plan of attack to help them deal with their unique issues.

To discuss the details of your weight loss challenges, contact the Metabolic Research Center. Our weight loss consultant can recommend tests to determine how hormonal imbalances may be contributing to your difficulties in losing weight.



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