Stop Eating This and Start Eating That?

If you have been dieting to lose weight and it isn't working, or you have been gaining back the weight that you have lost, it's time to try something different.

You may have been cutting calories and eating a balanced diet, or you may be trying to get by on packaged "diet" or "low calorie" foods. The problem with these foods is that they frequently lack proper nutrition and are often laden with sugar, artificial colors and flavors and in the end will do very little to help you maintain an ideal weight.

So, what can you eat?

The key is to eat the types of foods that help you burn fat. It's not just about limiting calories, in fact too much of this can lead you to hold on to fat. Burning fat can be done effectively by eating the right foods and getting regular exercise.

Focusing on lean proteins, fresh vegetables and healthy fats is a good way to jump start your weight loss. It isn't about counting calories, it's about the quality of the calories.

So, what should you avoid?

Avoid processed foods when at all possible. This includes pre-packaged "diet foods." Read labels carefully and stick to the perimeter of the store, where fresh produce and meats can be found.

Keep an eye on your carbohydrate intake and watch sugar. Although fruits are healthy, eat them in moderation as they contain a lot of sugar. Fat is not a no-no so long as it is good fat. Nuts like almonds and cashews, olive oil, fish such as salmon, eggs in moderation. Lean meats and a limited amount of whole grains.

Dieting shouldn't be painful. In fact, you shouldn't think of it as dieting, think of it as eating healthy. Combine this with moderate exercise and you should start to see results. Getting support and following a professionally designed weight-loss menu can make all the difference.


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