Five Factors that Sabotage Weight Loss

Factors Weight Loss Failure

You've dieted for months and racked up hundreds of hours on the treadmill. Still, those last 20 pounds just won't budge. Chances are one or more of these five factors are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Assuming healthy foods all are low-calorie foods:That's not always the case. Avocados, whole grains and nuts all are healthy choices that offer loads of benefits. Unfortunately, they're also packed with calories. Enjoy them in small quantities but don't binge on them

Slacking on the shut-eye: Research shows that shorter sleep duration is linked to higher body mass index, increased hunger and cravings for sugar-laden foods as energy boosters.

Feeding thirst: Feeling hungry? Down a glass of water or tea instead and you'll likely see that your hunger is curtailed. In fact, scientists believe that thirst often is mistaken for hunger.

Medications: Weight gain can be an unintended side effect of medications including beta blockers prescribed for heart problems and drugs prescribed for. Talk with your doctor about potential weight gain and possible alternatives.

Your grandma and your girlfriends: We know - It's tough to turn down grandma's apple pie. And you can't help it that your girls' nights out inevitably involve cheesecake and martinis in high quantities.Make moderation your mantra.

The weight loss specialists at your nearest Metabolic Research Center can help you effectively deal with those factors that cause your weight loss efforts to fail. Call 800-501-8090 to schedule a consultation.



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