Can I Lose Weight By Skipping Breakfast?

Breakfast Bowl of Grain and Fresh Fruit

Less food "in" is less fat "stored", right? Well, not necessarily. Skipping breakfast might seem like a life hack built to sustain a thin waist, but it can be a step in the wrong direction for most. Not eating breakfast can leave you hungry, boost mid-morning nibbling and maximize late-day binge eating. If you’re skipping breakfast, your body might overcompensate later on, and for these reasons. 

1) Breakfast Kick-Starts Your Metabolism

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It starts your metabolism, giving it an opening to run all day long. That said, skipping breakfast can stagnate your system. It can stop your body from reducing the pounds by burning them off metabolically. 

2) Breakfast Has a Healthy Dose of Fiber

Unfortunately, most Americans only consume half of the daily recommended dose of fiber. If you’re reaching for a breakfast bar, don’t be fooled by its packaging. You should select one with under 200 calories that contains fiber. Additionally, your choice should have at least five grams of protein. Some “healthy granola” choices, similarly, can be poor investments. A lot of these selections are basically candy bars enhanced with up to 500 calories alongside a higher price tag.

3) Breakfast is an All-Around Dietary Win

Overall, breakfast should be your opportunity to consume a good amount of fiber, vitamins and proteins. Beans, oatmeal, whole grain foods, fresh vegetables and colorful fruits are definitely the way to go. These foods, when consumed after you wake up, aid in daily digestion. Fiber, itself, will lower your overall cholesterol and aid with weight loss. Low-fat milk, a boiled egg and a bowl of fresh fruit, too, can keep your metabolism going while aiding a healthy diet throughout the day. They’ll similarly reduce hunger pains as the hours pass.


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