Hormone Imbalance Can Wreak Havoc

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Have you suddenly found that your weight loss plan stalled? Hormones could be the problem. A hidden hormone imbalance is often the roadblock to long-term, successful weight loss. The hormones in your body play a huge role in all body functions, but they are the key to metabolic functions such as, when you feel hungry, cravings, mood, motivation as well as whether foods are burned or stored.

Different Hormone Imbalances

If your weight loss efforts haven’t been successful, a number of different hormonal imbalances could be causing the problem. Insulin resistance can make your body store glucose as fat, making it tough to lose weight. High levels of inflammation in the body is linked to obesity. Chronic stress can result in hormonal changes, such as elevated cortisol, that increase appetite and belly fat storage. Low testosterone levels may result in muscle loss, even if you’re working out, making it tough to lose weight. Excess estrogen, low serotonin levels, and hypothyroidism are also imbalances that can make it tough to take off those excess pounds.

Nutrition is Most Often the Problem

In many cases, hormone imbalances aren’t a medical issue, although they can be in some cases. For many, these imbalances are a nutritional issue. You can make lifestyle and nutritional changes to reduce your cravings, reduce hunger, and improve energy levels. In fact, just making a few nutrition tweaks to your diet can not only help you start feeling better, but also help you start seeing weight loss results.

At the Metabolic Research Center, we’ve created a Hormone Imbalance Checklist, which can help you detect and correct hormone imbalances that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Get your hormones balanced and weight loss becomes easier. You’ll enjoy higher energy levels too, which will make it easier to reach your goals. To learn more about hormone imbalances and how they affect weight loss, call 800-501-8090 or visit a local center today.


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