Is Sea Salt More Nutritious?

Sea Salt Pouring from Shaker

When comparing sea salt and table salt, the main differences between the two are their texture, taste, and the way they are processed. While table salt is mined from salt deposits that are underground, sea salt is made from evaporating seawater.

Table Salt

Table salt is more processed to eliminate any extra minerals, resulting in a finer salt. It often includes an additive to keep the salt from clumping. Iodine is also added to table salt, since it is an essential nutrient for maintaining a healthy thyroid. Iodized salt has been sold in the United States since 1924 making it one of the earliest functional food products.

Sea Salt

When sea salt is created with the evaporation process, it often has some trace elements and minerals left behind in the salt. This results in some added color and flavor. While magnesium is naturally in sea salt when it’s produced, after crystallization, it’s separate from the salt granules Sea salt is also available in multiple coarseness levels.

And.. the Winner Is?

While many people believe that sea salt is a more nutritious option than table salt, they are actually nutritionally equal. You will not get any added benefits from choosing either option, so choose the salt you prefer. However, no matter what type of salt you choose to use, you need to avoid taking in more than 1,500-2,300 milligrams of salt each day. Taking in too much salt can result in serious health risks, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Some people do prefer the flavor of sea salt, and this may result in people using less salt, which is definitely a benefit. However, the best way to reduce your salt intake is to start using spices and herbs to replace some of the salt in your diet. You will love the flavors that spices and herbs bring to your food and cutting back on the salt will offer some excellent health benefits.


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