Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Cookware

Hand Wash Non-Stick Pans

Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Cookware

Concerning the preservation of non-stick pans, many people try to keep them lubricated with cooking sprays. However, there is a better way to prevent your pans from a premature end. Try to follow these kitchen tips:

  • Rinse the pan and dry it before applying the cooking oil.
  • When possible, cook your food on medium heat to prevent cracking.
  • Do not use any metal utensil to turn over or stir your food.
  • Hand-wash non-stick cookware instead of using a dishwasher.
  • Do not throw cold water onto a warm pan, or it could warp.
  • Use a plastic not metal wool scrubbing device.
  • Do not cook acidic foods (i.e. anything with tomatoes) in non-stick pans.
  • Store your pans in places where they won’t be ruined by sharp objects.
  • Clean and dry your non-stick pans right after you use them.
  • Use only soft detergent to clean your non-stick pans – no harsh chemicals.
  • Baking soda is an acceptable cleaning abrasive for your non-stick cookware.

No matter how careful you are with your non-stick pans, natural wear and tear will occur. However, you can extend the life of your cookware when you follow the above tips as consistently as possible.

A substance called soy lecithin found in aerosol spray-on oils causes the spray substance to accumulate. Then, a sticky film starts to appear. This, of course, defeats the purpose of trying to cook in what was supposed to be a pan that does not cause food to stick. To remedy this, using a natural oil and wiping it onto the pan with a paper towel or using a pastry brush to spread it on the pan is best.


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