Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

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The holiday season is already here, and it’s time to start thinking about great gifts. If you’ve been working on your weight loss goals with the Metabolic Research Center this year, you’re probably a lot more health and fitness conscious than before. To help you make great gift choices, here’s a closer look at some of the best healthy holiday gift ideas.

Holiday Gift Idea #1 – Gaiam Socks

Instead of hitting the gym, many people who work with us at Metabolic find pilates and yoga to be great ways to work out. It combines light exercise and stretching for a workout that makes you feel great. Gaiaim socks are perfect for yoga lovers, since they have open toes and they grip your yoga mat with ease.

Holiday Gift Idea #2 – TowelMate

TowelMate is a fitness towel that features a built-in germ shield. What makes it more convenient is that it has a little zippered pocket, perfect for keeping all your essentials safe when you’re working out.

Holiday Gift Idea #3 – Bento Lunch Box

These lunch boxes offer great compartments and the Japan-inspired boxes are a popular gift idea. They’re great for people who want to pack their lunches so they make healthier choices at work. 

Holiday Gift Idea #4 – Spire Stress Tracker

Excess stress makes it more difficult to lose weight, and the Spire Stress Tracker can help. This wearable device monitors breathing. It will vibrate to encourage you to take some deep breaths if it senses that you’re stressed or displaying irregular breathing. Those deep breaths will help reduce stress levels.

Holiday Gift Idea #5 – Torch T2 Bike Helmet

For the biker in your life, this bike helmet is a great gift idea. It features a built-in taillight and headlight, keeping them safe while they bike their way to a healthier body.

Holiday Gift Idea #6 – Metabolic Research Center

Of course, if you really want to give the gift of health, consider gifting a Metabolic Research Center program. It’s a gift that they’ll love and it’s sure to make their new year even better. Call us today to find out more.


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