Creative Holiday Meals Using Real Foods

turkeyEveryone has a favorite meal from the holidays, whether it is a warm pumpkin pie or a roasted turkey filled with stuffing. Before you reach for the can of cranberry sauce, consider how you can create beautiful holiday meals using real foods that everyone will love.

Make Healthy Swaps with Whole Foods

  • Some of the most flavorful foods come into their peak seasons in the fall. Apples, squashes, and Brussels sprouts are excellent holiday favorites. Create a decadent butternut squash soup or a platter of crunchy, hot roasted Brussels sprouts as healthy additions to the holiday table.
  • Look for ways to incorporate fresh veggies and make smart swaps in your holiday standbys. For example, rather than creating your usual stuffed turkey, create a pan of dressing using whole wheat bread instead of white with low-fat turkey stock, apples, cranberries, celery and walnuts for a dish that is flavorful and laden with real foods.
  • Concentrate on hearty fresh foods. Anytime you are ready to open a can or a package, consider ways that you can substitute fresh foods instead. Rather than a can of cranberries, look for fresh cranberry recipes instead. The taste difference is out of this world. For holiday favorites that are out of season like a side of sweet corn, find the best quality frozen substitute that you can.

Also, remember that you do not have to do it all. At the holidays we tend to create elaborate meals with more food than we can possibly eat. Instead, concentrate on planning a smaller meal with delicious whole food options that will satisfy everyone.


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