Why You Should Avoid Addictive Sugars

Bottled Drinks with Added Sugar

You’ve probably heard that sugar is bad for you, but what’s the whole story? After all, fruits have sugar in them too, and isn’t fresh fruit supposed to be good for you? Well that’s just the thing. It’s actually added sugar that you should be avoiding, but you might be surprised by how many foods are affected.

Sugar Detox Can Be Challenging

Manufacturers add sugar to almost everything these days, even foods that aren’t considered “sweet” or a dessert. They may do this to help preserve the food, balance the acidity in certain foods; boost the fermentation in breads, or just to continue to give us what we’ve grown used to as a culture. The truth is, studies have shown that sugar is actually highly addictive. The more you eat the more you’re going to crave. Scientists have found that it triggers the pleasure centers of the brain the same way many hardcore drugs do, and therefore getting over sugar requires a detox-process just to get your mind detached from the addiction. If this were true, why wouldn’t manufacturers add more sugar? It’ll just mean you keep coming back and buying more and more of their product.

Eat Less — Crave Less

But added sugar isn’t only going to affect your weight and dental health, it can lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease. The good news is that the less you eat of it, the less you crave it. Try substituting those cookies, or that bowl of sugary cereal with some fruit. Buy a fresh-pressed juice instead of that cola. Little by little, you’ll crave the bad sugars less, and watch your energy levels sustain throughout the day instead of experiencing jolts of energy with just as drastic crashes afterwards. For more information on added sugars and how to avoid them, visit a metabolic research center near you for a free consultation.


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