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Did you know that since the America went on a fat-free craze a few decades ago, the nation's people are fatter than ever before? Something is not right with this scenario. How can it be that our grandparents and great-grandparents were thinner and healthier than us without counting calories and fat grams? It's time to rethink the fat facts to find out if instead they're fat fiction.

Our bodies are made up of fat; we need it to survive and for proper heart and brain function. We even need to consume fat to burn stored fat. When our bodies are getting enough fat, after being fat-starved, it realized that there's not a fat famine going on and will start to use up the stored fat as energy.

The good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are derived from real foods like coconuts, olives, nuts, seeds and milk. You want to used the least processed ones, extra virgin, whenever possible. It's also essential to know that these fats are not always interchangeable for cooking. Olive oil has a lower smoking point than coconut, so use olive oil for sautéing and on cold dishes to avoid oxidizing the oil, which makes it lose all health benefits.

Bad fats, those that should be avoided at all costs are trans fats which are heavily processed and can do terrible damage to your body. Besides stalling your weight loss, they have been linked to heart disease, obesity and high cholesterol. A large portion of packaged snack foods contain high amounts of trans fats.

Fat-free packaged food products aren't usually healthy. When fat is eliminated so is a lot of the flavor and texture. When fat is removed from products, extra sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates are added to compensate. The extra sugar wreaks havoc on your body and the refined carbohydrates leave you feeling sluggish for hours afterwards. 

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