Want to Lose Weight? Invite Your Dog!

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Extra weight isn't just a human problem...our pets can put on excess pounds as well. In fact, it's estimated that over 50% of dogs are overweight. Our canine family members are vulnerable to a variety of health issues when they become overweight — just like us. Dogs can develop heart and respiratory problems, diabetes and have an increased chance of getting arthritis.

So, we owe it to our pets, and ourselves to stay healthy and fit in order to enjoy a long, happy life together. They say exercise is best done with a friend, and what better friend than your dog?

Ways To Include Your Dog In Your Fitness Routine

Walking your dog daily is an obvious choice, but with our busy lives we may be tempted to cut walks short and make them easy. One good way to start is to increase the length and intensity of walks. Double your route and keep a brisk pace. You could also challenge yourselves with rougher terrain or incorporate sprints to get your heart pumping.

Even playing with your dog is a fun way to burn a few calories and stay active. Playing catch in between squats or pushups or a game of tug-o-war is an easy and quick way to get a little activity in.

If you are serious about fitness for you and your dog, set up an agility course in your own backyard. This can not only help your dog have fun and stave off boredom, but also promotes fitness for both of you.

Dogs that maintain a healthy weight live longer. Add years to both your lives by exercising and eating right. Metabolic Research Center can help you create a healthy lifestyle that lasts. With real, whole foods, quality supplements and an easy to adhere to plan that doesn't leave you feeling starved, you can reach your goals.


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