Expand Your Spice Palette to Add Flavor to Your Menu Plan

Artist's Palette with Various Spices

When some people think about going on a diet, they immediately begin to dread the bland, boring food that they mistakenly assume they'll have to eat. But, as any creative cook knows, there are a host of herbs and spices that can add flavor to the most boring vegetable or protein. Listed below are a few popular seasonings that are known to deliver a satisfying taste as well as multiple health benefits:

Turmeric: This popular Indian spice has a peppery flavor and mild fragrance. Tumeric has the ability to reduce inflammation, which can be used to relieve pain. It may also help to prevent heart attacks, fight cancer, and delay the onset of diabetes. Add it to your diet in salad dressings, use it to marinate chicken, sprinkle it in rice dishes, or add a dash to your scrambled eggs.

Cinnamon: For centuries, cinnamon has been known to have multiple health benefits, including an ability to lower blood sugar levels. It also has antioxidant effects that help to fight bacteria, control hunger, and reduce inflammation. It is very easy to include cinnamon in your diet by adding  it to oatmeal, sprinkling it on fruit, or putting a dash on a slice of whole wheat toast.

Cayenne Peppers: Dihydrocapsiate  is found naturally in all varieties of chili peppers and has been shown to boost the body's fat-burning abilities when eaten three times a day. Cayenne is used in cooking a variety of spicy dishes as well as being a main ingredient for vinegar-based sauces.

Ginger: Well known for its ability to soothe the stomach, ginger offers many other health benefits as well. Research studies have suggested that eating ginger may help prevent colon cancer, relieve heartburn, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, prevent colds, and offer relief from migraines. This popular Southeast Asian spice also helps to curb your appetite and cut cravings when added to your favorite dishes.


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