Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

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Experts suggest that you can reverse type 2 diabetes. However, the word “reversal” when referring to a health condition usually involves reducing or eliminating symptoms but not necessarily being cured. Still, hope for improved well-being in type 2 diabetes patients without medication continues to spread.

One study on reversing diabetes was led by Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University located in England. Professor Taylor learned that an extreme low-calorie diet could make a difference. This was determined after studying a group of 29 participants — half of which had type 2 diabetes for four years, and the other half had this condition for eight years. Under careful medical supervision, this group of individuals adhered to a diet of only 800 calories for about eight weeks. The objective during this was to reduce fat in the liver and pancreas, and this would in turn reduce blood sugar levels.

Upon study completion, 13 out of 15 persons (87 percent) with diabetes for four years or less had reversed their diabetes. Likewise, about half of the individuals diagnosed of diabetes for more than eight years reversed their diabetic condition. The conclusion, in this case, was that the persons with the diabetes the longest would have a hard time reversing symptoms.

Although not all 29 of the type 2 diabetes study participants reversed their diabetic condition, they experienced other health benefits from this reduced-calorie diet. For instance, they had improved both blood pressure rates and cholesterol levels. This is one sign that any dieting adjustments made can help enhance your well-being in some way.

Not many people could live indefinitely on only 800 calories, however. Still, making even some of the smallest changes in menus and increases in physical activity can make a difference. If you want to reverse diabetes, try limiting calories (1200 to 1800) with as little added sugars in your food as possible. This could help you reduce your body weight by 5-10 percent and reverse your type 2 symptoms.


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