If You Are Hungry.. Don't Shop for Food!

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You've probably heard it before, "Don't shop on an empty stomach." It's also best to shop when you aren't in a hurry and with a list. There are multiple reasons for this, but overall, you'll make better choices and save money, too.

When you are hungry you are far more likely to throw impulse items in your cart. Shopping with a list helps keep you on budget and ensures that you get the things you need to make your planned meals. It also reduces trips to the store for forgotten items!

A study confirmed what most people already know about shopping while hungry: When people who hadn't eaten for approximately five hours shopped, they chose higher-calorie items than those who shopped while satisfied. The participants who shopped while not hungry chose lower-calorie, healthier foods. So, it's not just about throwing extra food in the cart when you're hungry, it's also about food quality. If you intend to fill your cart with healthier, lighter choices, be sure to eat a sensible meal before shopping and bring that list!

The study is interesting because it shows that when the body is hungry, people instinctively gravitate toward foods with higher fat content. And, it's quite likely that those choices included more sugar, as well. It makes sense that eating regularly and not skipping meals is one key to consistent, healthy eating. If you want to avoid binge eating and trips to the fast food drive-thru, then don't allow yourself to become hungry.

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