Tips for Managing Holiday Sweets

Holiday Treats

It's not easy to stick to a healthy diet at any time of the year. Even so, the holiday season poses special challenges that lead many people to abandon their diet at least temporarily.

Thankfully, you do not have to choose between reaching you weight loss goals and enjoying tasty holiday treats. Following are three tips that can enable you to have the best of both worlds. Baking your own holiday treats is much healthier than buying the same treats from a store. Use brown sugar or honey instead of white sugar or sugar substitutes and always add at least a little less sugar than listed in the recipe. Adding a pinch of salt to any recipe is also a good idea, as doing so brings out the sweetening so you can use less sugar while still enjoying a sweet snack.

At the same time, white sugar is not the only ingredient to avoid. Choose cake, cookie, muffin and other sweet treat recipes that do not call for a lot of oil or cream. There are plenty low-fat sweet treat recipes online to pick from so do some research and choose a few that you feel will be to your liking. You will also want to avoid the whipped cream topping and commercial frostings that add unwanted calories to your homemade treat.

Eating sweets in moderation is also important. If you make a batch of goodies for the holiday season, consider keeping some in the freezer so you aren't tempted to eat more than you should in one sitting. Sharing goodies with family and friends will also prevent you from overeating. Holiday treats do not necessarily have to bust your diet. Make them at home whenever possible and eat them in moderation to avoid packing on unwanted pounds.


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