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Every journey has a beginning. Weight loss is no different, but it can be one of the hardest journeys to start. It isn't hard because it's work, it's hard because we need to find the mental motivation to keep going once we take that first step. Maintaining a regular exercise routine can seem like a daunting chore for someone who is just beginning to learn about weight loss. Starting with something less overwhelming, may make it easier to tackle the first few weeks and get your mind on the same path as your feet. Try starting your journey by walking more.

Park Your Car and Walk

One of the best ways to start walking is to park your car and leave it behind. If your destination is within walking distance, don't drive! Every step you can add to your daily step count will eventually build up to hundreds of calories. While it may take several steps to burn one calorie, the fact is the more you choose walking over driving, the faster they will begin to add up.

Take the Long Route

If you are walking somewhere, take the long way around. Avoid shortcuts and take advantage of the scenery. When you go shopping, park as far away from the mall or store as possible and walk to the building. Take advantage of the many parking spots you will find at the opposite end of the lot!

Avoid the Elevator and Use the Stairs

If you really want to start your weight loss journey off on a high note, avoid the elevator and start using the stairs. You will burn more calories than simply walking and you will gain strength and endurance as well.

There are many ways to start your weight loss journey. All you have to remember is that, even though the first step is the hardest, it's well worth the effort!


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