Should You Eat Everything on Your Plate?

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If you're old enough to rust, you probably grew up hearing "Clean your plate.. there are children around the world who are starving to death." Although the second statement is unfortunately still true, the first statement is being questioned by healthcare providers, dietitians and weight loss specialist as the number of obese people in our country continues to grow.

According to an article by WebMD, this is definitely one of the things your parents got wrong. So, if you grew up a member of the "clean plate club", it is definitely time to rethink your eating habits, as this is an unhealthy food myth that was handed down from one generation to the next. If you are overweight and trying to lose unwanted pounds, it is crucial to take notice of how full you're feeling as you eat. It is also equally important to never eat in a rush, which has a similar effect as eating while distracted at your desk or while watching TV.

Whether you should or shouldn't eat up, really depends on what you have on your plate. If it is loaded with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grain breads and lean meats, eating everything in sight may actually help you shed weight faster. On the other hand, if your plate is large pizza topped with beer-battered fries, you could be one bite away from an unwanted medical condition. Since it takes about twenty minutes for your brain to let you know that you're full, you should never scarf down food or you may be guilty of eating much more than wanted or needed.

To learn more about food myths that you grew up believing to be true, contact the Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation. MRC offers personalized menu plans developed by doctors and dietitians to promote healthy weight loss. Plus, you will receive the education, support and encouragement that you need to reach your goals.


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