Is the Cabbage Soup Diet a Good Weight Loss Option?

Bowl of Cabbage Soup

Fad diets come into each year in swarms. Whether it’s something that just appears on the Internet, or a trick mentioned by a celebrity without much information behind it, it’ll still get picked up and spread like wildfire. The Cabbage Soup Diet is one that has been around awhile and gathers serious speculation around it. Does this diet work, and is it a viable way to lose a few pounds quickly? Let's take a look.

The Cabbage soup diet basically suggests that you eat a large amount of cabbage soup for your meals for at least a week straight. You are also allowed to eat certain fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef and brown rice, but only according to a strict schedule and along with the cabbage.

Cabbage is not an unhealthy vegetable, so what’s the downside of this drastic diet? The basic cabbage soup recipe will still be low in complex carbs, vitamins, proteins and minerals. If you are starving your body of these necessities then you’ll be losing more than just unwanted fat. In the process, you also may lose things that your body needs for energy and strength, such as muscle, or needed body water. On top of all this, many recipes for cabbage soup include a large amount of sodium, which can increase blood pressure.

When considering a new diet or eating plan, it’s important to look at all the facts. Many sources of these diets only highlight the things they want you to focus on and don’t go into detail about the vital nutrients you’ll be missing during the diet. Fad or quick-fix diets are more often than not more dangerous to your health than helpful. The Metabolic Research Center focuses on a well-rounded lifestyle approach, and would love to give you a free consultation at our nearest location.


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