Experts Say to Drink Plenty of Water When Fasting

Blog Image: Experts Say to Drink Plenty of Water When Fasting

Many people are re-discovering intermittent fasting as an effective dietary intervention with huge health benefits. Fasting techniques are now being widely used for boosting one's metabolism for more effective weight loss. People with poor blood sugar regulation as well as those who are underweight or have an eating disorder should consult with a medical provider before engaging in intermittent fasting. Although you are allowed to consume black coffee with no milk or sugar, drink lots of water when you wake up in the mornings and stay hydrated all day while you are participating in an intermittent fast.

  • Full Day Fasting - According to a study in Nutrition Reviews, alternate-day fasting and whole-day fasts were shown to not only reduce body fat but also cholesterol and triglycerides in those who were normal or over-weight.
  • Fast-Mimicking Diet - Plant-based menus are used in the University of Southern California's Fast Mimicking Diet, which involves eating very few calories a day by consuming light foods, soups, energy bars and drinks.
  • Occasional Prolonged Fasting - An extended fast offers several advantages for today's dieter, such as a day of abstinence from food can provide a more powerful weight loss benefit and scheduling makes it easier to avoid overeating on Day 2.
  • Spontaneous Meal Skipping - With spontaneous meal skipping, you do not need to follow a structured schedule to reap the benefits. Simply skip meals from time to time, especially when you don't feel hungry or are too busy to stop and eat.

As long as you avoid over compensating by eating more during the built-in feasting period, the methods mentioned above can help reduce your overall calorie intake to help you lose weight, especially stubborn belly fat. Most doctors and dietitians agree that you should drink plenty of water and avoid calorie-laden foods when you are fasting, but the top experts have not come to a consensus on what you should consume to enhance the benefits of a fast. Nonetheless, it is easy to understand why some people would rather watch what they eat a couple days a week instead of counting calories while following a traditional diet.

*NOTE: Due to a difference in hormonal makeup, women have special considerations when fasting. Intermittent fasting is not a good idea for women under 18 years of age, those with a lean body profile, or those with medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism or a history of eating disorders. Ask your physician about an appropriate fasting protocol for you.


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