Protect Your Expensive Cookware from Damage

Woman Washing Cooking Pan by Hand

It can be a bummer to invest in expensive cookware, only to discover that it has become damaged in just a few months' time. While in some cases the solution may be to do more thorough research before investing in an expensive set of pots and pans, in most instances you can preserve your costly cookware investment by changing your cooking and dishwashing habits.

Develop Good Cooking Habits

Avoid cooking spray as it leaves a sticky build-up on non-stick pots, pans and baking trays that cause food to stick after a short amount of time. Instead, invest in healthy oil such as canola oil or olive oil and use it in moderation when cooking. Never use any metal utensil with a non-stick pan or pot. Non-metallic spoons, spatulas and other utensils won't scratch the non-stick surface off your cookware, which will keeping it working well for years.

Wash Your Cookware by Hand

Never put cookware in the dishwasher, even if the label says that it is OK to do so. Wash your cookware by hand to ensure that it does not get damaged. If foods are stuck to the bottom of a non-stick pan or pot, pour water inside and let them soak so you can remove the food without too much scrubbing. Using an overly abrasive dish sponge and/or scrubbing for too long will remove the non-stick surface.

You do not need to invest in cookware on a regular basis if you buy high quality trays, pots and pans, cook carefully and wash them properly. If you have a spouse and/or kids who cook, talk to them about proper cookware care as well. Doing so can save your whole family the hassle of having to buy new cookware on a regular basis.


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