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Fresh Vegetables from Container Garden

Container gardening is an option for those with small spaces and busy lives. The amount of vegetables grown depends only on the size  pot you have available. Tomato, cucumber, lettuce, parsley and eggplant are known to do well in a container and should produce into the fall.

Experts recommend five gallon containers with drainage holes for larger vegetables such as tomato or eggplant. This allows for less watering than the use of a two gallon container. Soil should not hold water to drown plants (hence the drainage), however, soil should never be dry. Plants will do best when soil remains moist.

Potting soil is preferred for planting due to the nutrients. Be mindful of weather elements such as wind, heat, sun. Plants may need some shelter and shade.

For more information on regional gardening tips for all seasons, visit about.com.



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