Freezer Canning the Latest Storage Solution

Frozen Broccoli Florets

Organic gardeners and home cooks who demand the best ingredients are turning to freezing foods rather than canning them. Freezing food offers many benefits over canning, drying, or even pickling. In this blog, we discover what those advantages are

Canning vs. Freezing

Canning is a lot of work, and it requires special equipment, such as a pressure cooker, jars, lids, and utensils. Food that is canned must be specially prepared with plenty of additives added to the food. Sugar, salt, and other ingredients play a huge role in whether or not canned food remains safe to consume. What is lost is the pureness of the food itself. 
Freezing, on the other hand, is just about the food. Sure, in some cases you have to slice it up, but in other cases the food can remain whole. The pros here is that taste of the food does not have to be spoiled by adding preservatives like sugar or salt. For chefs at home, this is a huge bonus because you continue to work with the best flavors that fresh foods have.

Pickling vs. Freezing

Everyone loves a good pickle or even a pickled pepper, but how often can you use picked fruits and vegetables in traditional recipes. Try a pickled tomato in your pasta sauce. It is likely not going to work well for you or anyone else who enjoys pasta. 
Freezing makes a great way to store fresh foods, either from your garden or the supermarket. Again, the benefit is that freezing is fast, almost carefree, and the flavor of the food remains. If you don’t want to slave over a hot stove in the heat of summer, just freeze your gardens extra tomatoes, and use them to make sauce during the winter when slaving over a hot stove is rewarding. 
If you are serious about good foods and foods that are healthy for you, stop by the Metabolic Research Center where there are tons of healthy and delicious recipes ready to enhance your fresh or frozen foods.


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