6 Energy Boosting Foods

Apples and BananasNext time you hit that 3 o’clock slump, put down the coffee and pick up one of these foods to get a healthy, natural energy boost.


  1. Fresh Fruit: For a quick pick-me-up, the natural sugar in fruit will do the job. Fruits with peels, like bananas or apples, are good choices to take to work or when you are on the go.

  2. Assorted Nuts: Cashews, hazelnuts, and almonds are all high in fiber and magnesium, which will convert sugar to energy. Remember, you only need a handful of these to control your hunger.

  3. Metabolic Cinnamon Crisp and Crunch Protein Bar: With 15 grams of protein and only 160 calories, these bars are the perfect snack to kill your appetite between meals and give you that extra boost to tackle the rest of the day.

  4. Dark Chocolate: Believe it or not, snacking on a square of dark chocolate after lunch is good for you. Theobromine is found in dark chocolate, which will boost your energy and your mood.

  5. Whole-Grains: Carbohydrates are your body’s fuel, breaking down into glucose to keep your cells running. Snack on whole-grain crackers or a side of quinoa for an afternoon boost.

  6. Water: To keep your energy up throughout the day, remember to drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is an easy way to increase your energy level.

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