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Do you know what to eat when dieting? Well it really depends upon your definition of the word. Dieting most often refers to restricting oneself to "small amounts" or "particular kinds" of food in order to lose weight. At the Metabolic Research Center, we don't believe diets produce long-term weight loss success. If your goal is to shed unwanted pounds and restore your good health, what you should be eating is real food. Fresh foods that are not processed or loaded with added sugars should be part of your daily menu plan.

With more than thirty years experience in helping clients lose weight and keep it off, MRC doctors and dietitians discovered that every "body" is different, and no one-shoe-fits-all diet works for everybody. According to a recent article posted on WebMD, fad diets don't help you keep weight off over the long haul. So what does work? Instead of dieting, making lifestyle changes that include the foods you enjoy, staying active and adopting healthy habits coupled with education and support are the keys to managing your weight.

Little Things Can Make a Big Difference  

Portion sizes of foods over the past five decades have grown larger and larger. Not only is this true for fast-food restaurants, it is also the trend in most favorite places to eat out as well as in the home. So, what does a healthy serving size of food look like? Using your hand as a measuring device, make a fist. Your fist should equal a serving size of fruit. A normal serving size of meat, fish or poultry should be about the size of your palm. A one-ounce serving of cheese is about the same as the distance between the base of your thumb to the tip. If you need to portion a midday snack, cup your hand and fill it with your favorite nuts or seeds.

Eat a Variety of Foods to Manage Hunger

The easiest way to manage hunger pangs associated with traditional methods of dieting is to eat a variety of foods. Yes, that means carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber. When you attempt to lose weight on a fad diet, you exclude many nutrients that are necessary for maintaining good health and wellness. Although excluding a nutrient may not cause problems right away, any long-term nutritional absence can lead to poor overall health and a unwanted medical problems. The key is to say "No" to unhealthy saturated fats that you get from animal sources and limit the number of simple carbohydrates and added sugar that you consume.

Avoiding empty calories and eating healing foods will put you on a fast track to restoring your health while eliminating the need for fad dieting. If you're ready to get started, contact the Metabolic Research Center. Our weight loss consultant will schedule a free, no obligations consultation to discuss your wants, needs and any previous attempts at losing weight. Then, we'll personalize a program with real choices for the real you.


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