Three Reasons You Can't Stop Eating

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We all go through spurts of time where we feel like bottomless pits - We just can't stop eating. If you're snacking like crazy or counting the minutes until your next meal, we just might know why. Here are three top reasons for your munching binge.

  1. You’ve got a fast metabolism: If this is the case, it's reason for celebration. The faster your metabolism, the more fuel your body needs. This means you can eat more while still burning calories. In fact, research shows that a fast metabolism may amount to burning 100 to 400 extra calories a day. Just make sure you keep it healthy. The wrong food choices can tank your weight loss efforts even with a naturally fast metabolism.
  2. You're eating too many processed foods: Highly processed and packaged foods like white breads, hot dogs, cookies, sodas and some salad dressings will cause your blood sugar to pike, then crash, leaving you feeling hungry even on a full stomach. Plus, foods that are high in sugar or fat can interfere with mood-regulating brain chemicals. This can leave you feeling depressed and prone to emotional overeating.
  3. Your hormones are all jacked up: A hormonal condition called hyperthyroidism, essentially an overactive gland that pumps out too much of the thyroid hormone, is a top cause of constant hunger. Hypoglycemia, which involves perpetually low blood-sugar levels, as well as pre-diabetes and diabetes, involving elevated blood-sugar levels, also can drive your appetite.

If constant hunger is hampering your weight loss efforts, Metabolic Research Center can help. We'll develop a customized nutrition and exercise plan designed to keep you feeling satisfied while watching the pounds disappear. Call 800-501-8090 to find the location nearest you.



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