Sing Like A Song Bird For Good Health

Woman Singing in the Shower

While many of us doubt sincerely that we can sing or even carry a tune in a bucket, studies have shown that at least making an effort to belt out an occasional tune is beneficial to our health. Music is considered to be one of the greatest healers and has been for centuries. Adding our voice to the song also health benefits that many people have never considered. Aside from the benefits to the lungs, there are many other things that singing accomplishes.

Singing increases the efficiency of the lungs. Singing acts as a form of exercise for the lungs. Stretching and holding air in the lungs helps to condition them and allows them to work more efficiently. You can breathe deeper and hold air in the lungs for longer periods of time. The increased activity also improves circulation to the lungs. Singing also reduces stress levels in the body. The deep breathing combined with the beat and melody of the music help to improve a person's mood and lower their stress levels. Singing offers a freedom unlike any other activity. Whether you sing in the shower or on a stage in front of hundreds of people, you are able to release both emotion and free yourself of the baggage that you can sometimes carry with you.

People who like to sing in public can also improve their social interactions with people. Sharing music with others is a way of connecting on a spiritual level. Whether you are singing or playing an instrument, music brings people together in a way that no other activity can. Sharing music means sharing a part of who you are on many different levels.


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