Why You Should Consider a Community Garden

Woman Working in Community Garden

Community Gardens are awesome for a lot of reasons. There is an entire food movement called from "garden to table" which is all about the healthy food options that a garden can produce. If you have concerns about GMO foods, then a community garden makes a lot of sense. If you want fresher vegetables and produce, then a community garden makes even more sense. If you want to end the argument with your children about eating vegetables, then a community garden make a ton of sense. In this blog, we explore why a community garden is a great choice for everyone.

So You Are a New Gardener

Community gardens are wonderful places for new gardeners to learn how to garden like a master gardener. In fact, hanging out in a community garden is a great way to meet a master gardener. So learning the art of gardening is not as difficult as it seems. Sure, there is labor involved, but as soon as you harvest your first tomato, all that work becomes a labor of love. Plus, fresh produce tastes much better than the produce that you buy in stores. "buy" is a keyword. A garden plot helps you reduce your food expenses, so even new gardeners benefit greatly from joining a community garden. The trick, however, is to be willing to work at gardening. Don't be afraid to ask for help and as an incentive a 12'x12' garden plot can produce $600-$1,000 worth of produce in a year. That's $600-$1,000 that you do not have to spend on groceries.

Are You Sick of Arguing With Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables?

The funny thing about kids is that when they help grow vegetables, they tend to be more willing to eat them. Start them when they are young and let them help with gardening. Community gardens often have a children's section, but if they don't, be willing to share part of your growing space with your kids. Fun vegetables for kids to grow include peas, carrots, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and pumpkins. Pumpkins take up a lot of space, but you can manage them in a small plot by cutting back most of the vines. Let one or two vines thrive with one or two pumpkins on it and then selectively prune back all but two vines. So long as there are plenty of leaves the plant will do fine and the pumpkins will grow well. A good variety of pumpkins for kids is the Cinderella or Fairytale pumpkins. If you like the baby pumpkins then Jack-Be-Little's are awesome because they are small (fist size) and you can grow them vertically.

Community Gardens are Convenient

Most community gardens have all of the tools that you need to grow a garden. That helps when you are first starting out as a garden. In addition to the available tools, you have the available advice that you gain from more experienced gardeners. The biggest benefit of a community garden is the increase in healthy food. Food that you grow yourself is not only cheaper, but also it is fresher.

So what do you do with all of that produce? Hop over to the Metabolic Research Center and find a ton of healthy recipes for fresh garden vegetables. Once here, you can also find outstanding support for eating healthy. Eating Healthy is one trick that makes a community garden option the best solution for losing weight, gaining nutrition, and taking control of your families food options. For example, at the Metabolic Research Center you can find recipes for garden-fresh pizza that you make yourself. Since the vegetables in the garden are practically free, you pay only for the dough and some cheese. If you want to inspire your children to eat more veggies, consider growing a pizza garden.

As you can see, there are healthy benefits, financial benefits, and family harmony benefits for joining a community garden.


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