Use a Tagine for Slow-Cooked Holiday Treats

Colorful Tagines

A tagine is a Moroccan cooking vessel that is conical in shape and acts as a slow cooker. Traditionally, tagine is both the pot and the food that is cooked in it. What the tagine brings to holiday meals is a simplified way to cook a meal in just one pot. What this means for the everyday home cook is that you can add a complex dish to your holiday meal without out taking up every burner on the stove and the oven too. Let's explore.

The Tagine's Construction

Tagines are made from ceramics. They consist of two parts - the cone-shaped top and the dish/bowl bottom. They are an ancient cooking pot that uses the best of convection to cook food evenly and thoroughly. A complex dish which includes root vegetables such as potatoes, yams, and parsnips and meat such as lamb, beef, chicken, or pork cooks in about two hours for chicken and turkey where as a whole beef roast may take as long as eight hours. This is slow cooking at its best. The benefit of using a tagine is that everything cooks at the same rate and is done at the same time.

The Benefit of Cooking with a Tagine

There are many benefits of cooking with a tagine. Those include an easy way to add healthy vegetables to your diet and the simplified way that a tagine helps to reduce kitchen messes. It is literally a one-pot meal. There is also the reduction in time that you have to spend standing over the pot. It is not quite a turn it on and walk away cooking utensil. You will need to check on it periodically. The beautiful thing about a tagine is that it uses the juices of the foods you cook to create these amazing sauces. It is a traditional vessel for creating the most amazing lamb stew you have ever eaten.

Perhaps that best benefit of using a tagine during the holidays is that it does not clutter up the kitchen. It requires just a single burner and that frees up the stove and the oven so that you can create additional dishes to wow your family.

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