Add Some Nuts to Your Menu Plan

Almonds, Pistachios and Cashews

Ready to incorporate nuts into your menu plan?

You have read that eating nuts may be good for you, but some may still be leery of the high fat content contained in most. Good news, research conducted by experts at the Journal of Nutrients agree that consuming a variety of mixed nuts can not only benefit metabolism and your weight management plan, but also help you feel satiated throughout the day. Nuts also provide antioxidants, minerals and other plant compounds that benefit overall wellness.

Ideal method of incorporating nuts into your menu plan

To slow the breakdown of sugar throughout the metabolic process, add nuts when consuming a carbohydrate such as juice or fruit. Chopped and sprinkled on salads, roasted vegetables, or into your yogurt or even on top of sliced apples and pears are an weight-managing combination. For on the go, purchase a few of your favorite nuts in bulk. Mix together and divide into 1.5 oz serving size bags. You can even add flavorful, metabolic-friendly herbs to your mix such as rosemary, sage and oregano.

Great news for all, but especially vegans and vegetarians

This is great news for vegans and vegetarians. Often vegans and vegetarians have a difficult time consuming enough ideal fats and end up eating too many simple carbohydrates in ratio with beneficial fats. Nut "sauces", "dips" and "cheeses" that are simply combined with healthy herbs are an ideal way for vegans and vegetarians to make the most of adding nuts to their menus!

For more than 25 years Metabolic Research Center has been helping people lose weight. Interested in incorporating nuts into your menu plan, but looking for professional guidance how to do so? We look forward to being a part of your healthy weight management plan!


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