Which Foods Should You Avoid?

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Dieting is an interesting word. It means something different to many people. Yet, here we are asking you which foods should you avoid to lose weight. For some of us, following a diet means starving ourselves to lose weight. For some others, it means cutting out foods that are high in empty calories or unhealthy fats. For most of, dieting is a word that means we go to great lengths to fit into a new dress only to gain the weight back.

Which of these definitions is yours? At the Metabolic Research Center, we don't like the word dieting because we see weight loss as a journey that does not involve starving yourself, giving up good food, or being a short-term adventure. If you are like us and hate the word, come explore what weight loss can mean for you. Below is an appetizer of what we offer.

Starvation Is Not the Answer

From our perspective, much about dieting is detrimental. Starving your body is not the answer. Your body needs food. Food is full of nutrients that help you systems work as they are designed. Starvation is like driving from Los Angeles to New York City but instead of filling up the gas tank, you try to make the trip on three-quarters of a tank. How far are you going to get before you need more gas? Well, the same thing happens in your body when you stop eating or skip meals.

Weight loss does not have to be about starving yourself. It can include healthy food that is both satisfying, delicious and nutritionally balanced to give your body what it needs. Which is more appetizing to you? Skipping lunch or enjoying this Shrimp-Stuffed Portobello? When we say good food, we mean it. You can lose weight by eating healthy. We can show you how a nutritionally balanced diet helps you eat less, lose weight, gain energy, and increase your health. Who knew eating good food could do so much?

Finding People Who Understand

The staff at the Metabolic Research Center is comprised of people who have been where you are. They are survivors of the word dieting. They came to us to learn how to lose weight and gain health. These are helpful people who understand your frustration. They understand the self-doubt and disbelief that people carry with them. They not only are living proof that you can succeed they know all of the secrets to help you succeed. At the Metabolic Research Center, we believe strongly in supporting people who want to make positive changes in their lives. That is why we offer comprehensive, personalized support for anyone trying to lose weight.

Other Influences 

Weight gain is not always about what you eat. Sometimes it is about why you eat. To that end, we look for outside influences such as hormone imbalance and DNA issues that make you feel hungry. Sometimes simply balancing your hormone level can affect weight loss. Sometimes, by understanding that natural challenges your body or DNA  can help you recognize cravings for what they are. By offering real food, one-on-one coaching, and tools that help you understand why you are overweight, we build a network of solutions that help you lose fat and improve your health and wellness.

If you are ready to stop using the word "dieting", contact the Metabolic Research Center and discover how good food and powerful weight loss tools can help you shed the pounds and gain a new perspective.


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