Plan to Control Your Sweet Tooth During the Holidays

Holiday Treats

It seems that everywhere we turn during the holidays is chocolate, cookies, and other scrumptious treats. How can you possible control your sweet tooth during the Holidays? As it turns out, it is not the difficult. Here are a few things to think about when faced with a plateful of cookies.

Plan a Little Indulgence Into the Holiday

There is no reason that you cannot have a treat and enjoy it. That is different from having too many treats and over enjoying them. Define what a treat is for you and then have a cookie, but don't have all of them.

Reward Yourself for Being Good

Set a healthy challenge for yourself and when you achieve your goal reward yourself with a piece of fudge. A treat is something you have on occasion. We often make treats available every day, and that is where sugar, fat, and salt become bad food choices. The holidays are filled with bad food choices because we overindulge. One of the first things to remind yourself is that one in a while it is okay to have a treat.

What you don't want to do is build up such a craving that you binge feeding on cookies and chocolate. You also want to train your body to know when to say enough is enough. Stack the odds in your favor by making healthy snacks and treats available. It is easier to reach for something healthy when you have it available.

Set Good Eating Goals

If you visit the Metabolic Research Center, you find people just like yourself who struggle with good goals. This is a supportive place where you can learn about how good, healthy food can taste. They also have healthy menus and recipes that you can use to find better alternatives to cookies. Good eating goals help you balance out your diet so that you gain health, lose weight, and still enjoy good food. Stop by and see for yourself.


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