Freeze Tofu for Added Texture

Grilled Tofu Dish

Tofu provides users with an excellent source of protein, but many people do not like the taste at all. Whether it is the firm, silky, regular or soft version of this soy product, it often sits in its own liquid and does not provide a lot of flavor as is.

You could buy already-seasoned or already-marinated tofu products to remedy this. However, you might risk buying food with all kinds of preservatives that you do not want to put into your body. Some of these prepackaged forms of soy are loaded with salt and sugar for extra flavor, too. Some prepared packages might also have monosodium glutamate in them, and this is harmful when consumed in large amounts.

Part of the problem with the plainly-packaged tofu is that the saturated fat in it prevents other sauces, spices and marinates from soaking into it. So, how you do you remedy this situation?

If you want your oil, soy sauce, barbeque flavoring, honey mustard or other dressing to soak into it, try freezing for about 24 hours. This helps strengthen the product and gives it more texture. Also, you might want to avoid the “silken” tofu and choose one packed in water instead.

Then, when the mood strikes, try one of your favorite recipes. Aside from the marinates and spices mentioned above, you also could try ginger, curry, or cumin. You might want to mix one or more of these in some olive or sesame oil for extra taste especially if you fry it in the pan. When a dish calls for heavy cooking, the firm tofu holds its shape the best. The firm variety is great for making breakfast dishes, slicing for sandwiches and cooking on the grill.


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