When Not to Use Reactive Cookware

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How big of a difference does your cookware make? You may have a favorite pan for cooking certain things because it just works better or seems to cook your food more evenly. But what your pan is made of can have a bigger impact on your food than you think.

What Is Reactive Cookware?

Reactive cookware is made from materials such as iron, aluminum or copper. These materials will "react" with food when used for cooking. This can mean a metallic taste or grayish color for the food. It really depends. Some foods seem to cook better in a reactive pan, especially your favorite cast-iron frying pan!

The acidity of the food also makes a difference. Cooking eggs or tomatoes in an aluminum pan can result in a metallic taste, and when foods are cooked on very high heat or for long periods, you may also be ingesting small amounts of the metal.

What Cookware Is Non-Reactive?

Pots and pans that are made from glass, stainless steel or coated with enamel are non-reactive. Because stainless steel pans may not conduct heat as well as other materials, many people choose cookware that has a copper "core" or that is aluminum coated with enamel. This protects the taste and look of your food, while still cooking evenly.

Choosing the right cookware can make a big difference in how your meal turns out. Pay attention to the types of food you are cooking. Searing a steak in a cast iron pan is great, but slow-cooking spaghetti sauce in an aluminum pan isn't such a good idea.

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