Kick the Habit with Natural Sodas and Flavored Waters

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There are many different strategies to reducing soda in one's diet. Unhealthy, full of chemicals and processed sugars, and devoid of any nutritional value, sodas are pretty much the devil for anyone who is trying to find a more health-conscious lifestyle. Cold turkey is a tough way to go, and frequently fails to work for people trying to break their addiction to sodas. So, having a few coping strategies can really help one get out of the soda habit.

Using high-end or natural brands of sodas can help in a number of ways. They are not as easily available, and they are more expensive. These two things alone make it tough to drink them as the cheaper and more easily-accessed versions. They are often bottled in restaurants, which also means that it is tough to mindlessly down serving after serving of them. They also generally have less sugar. This helps with the sugar reduction, as getting accustomed to beverages and foods with less sugar becomes a task and a process.

Seltzer is another method along these same lines.  Containing no sugar at all, but all of the fizz and general mouth feel of soda, seltzer can be made at home with a seltzer machine, or purchased in grocery and convenience stores.  Seltzer can be flavored with a large number of flavorings, so it is a great way to design a beverage that satisfies a variety of cravings.

Similarly, plain old water can be flavored to make it less... well plain.  Water can be infused with mint in a pitcher in a refrigerator.  It can be made into herbal tea in the same refrigerator, without a heat source, by just letting it infuse over time.  It's a great way to incorporate an unsweetened but flavored and refreshing drink into one's day.


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