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At the beginning of the year, you pledged to lose weight. You aimed to accomplish this monumental task by eating healthier. You raided your pantry and refrigerator in order to empty them of unhealthy foods such as cookies, chocolate candy, frozen dinners, and canned biscuits. You replaced these calorie laden offerings with real, delicious foods including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, seeds, and nuts. While you’ve achieved some success, you’re disappointed with your results. If you can relate to this scenario, you might need to move more in order to lose more.

Losing weight requires you to consistently burn more calories than you consume. While you can accomplish this goal through making healthier food selections and reducing portion sizes, you shouldn’t neglect the impact of exercise. Adding regular workouts to your new, eating plan will help you lose weight more quickly. As a bonus, exercising regularly will help you completely reshape your body. If you’re new to fitness, consider joining a gym. As a member of a gym, you’ll have access to a variety of cardio and strength-training equipment. You will also have personal trainers at your disposal. These helpful professionals can examine your current fitness levels, determine your exercise interests, and develop a customized program based on your individual needs.

While a gym membership is a great asset, you can certainly add more exercise to your life without one. Walking is a wonderful form of exercise you can do virtually anywhere. For instance, you can take an afternoon stroll through your subdivision, walk laps in a local mall, or walk in a scenic park. Some people enjoy workout out to inexpensive, exercise videos. Jumping rope and hula-hooping are also fun activities you can try at home. You can even utilize your favorite cans of soup as free weights. The possibilities for burning calories through exercise are endless. Simply discover your fitness passion. By engaging in something enjoyable, you’ll increase your odds of sticking with exercise for life.


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