Red Dulse Kelp Outshines Kale in Nutrients

Red Dulse Kelp

Palmaria palmata is the scientific name for Red Dulse Kelp. While both names may sound new, this is a food source that has been eaten by humans for several thousands of years. Kelp are in the algae family, not a plant but it is a rich source of minerals

Fat Content

Kale has about one percent fat per cup when cooked. Red Dulse Kelp has no fat.

Vitamin B6

Red Dulse Kelp has 42 percent of your daily B6 intake in just one third of a cup. Kale has 11 percent of your daily recommended intake of B6 in one full cup.

Vitamin B3

Red Dulse Kelp has 11 percent of your daily B3 intake in just one-third of a cup. Kale has 4 percent of your daily recommended intake of B3 in one full cup.

Don't Replace Kale.. Add Red Dulse!

The list of ways that Red Dulse Kelp outshines kale is good news. It is not a complete victory though as Kale has less sodium, a little more fiber, and more vitamin A than Red Dulse Kelp.

The goal of this article is not to replace kale with kelp, but to show that you can make great food choices without eating the same type of food over-and-over again. Natural weight loss is about building sustainable eating habits. So we can choose to eat both kale and kelp or one or the other.

Choosing good foods is part of making a positive lifestyle choice and both Kale and kelp are winners in that category. At the Metabolic Research Center, we teach people about healthy food choices and we show people how to lose weight naturally. This is not about dieting, it’s about enjoying healthy foods that are full of flavor and like both kale and Red Dulse Kelp, full of nutrition too.



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