8 Non-Starch Veggies for Any Menu Plan

Non Starchy Vegetables

Cutting out the starch in your diet is difficult. These eight non-starch vegetables can make you love eating healthy foods

1. Green Pea: Peas come shelled or still in the pod. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Add them to salad, stir fry, omelets, and casseroles. You can even keep them in the fridge as an alternative snack.

2. Colored Peppers: Peppers are awesome. Some are sweet, some are tangy, and some are unbelievably hot. Peppers go with everything. Sautee them with onions as a topping for chicken, beef, pork, or Tempeh. Eat them raw in salads or as snacks. Add them to sandwiches for a crisp snap or use them to top homemade pizza. The green bell peppers can have a strong taste, but the red, yellow, and orange bell peppers are sweet and mild.

3. Carrots: Carrots can be cooked or eaten raw. They make excellent snacks. As a substitute for potato chips, slice them thin and bake them. Carrots also go well in salads, soups, and as a side dish for heavier meals.

4. Cabbage: Cabbage is an awesome vegetable. You can eat it raw, as in coleslaw, or you can steam it. When you steam cabbage, it becomes sweet. Use it as a side dish, in stir fry, or on sandwiches. The purple variety is spicy while the green variety is usually mild.

5. Squash: Squash has a lot of versatility. Summer squash such as zucchini is easy to use by steaming or eating raw. Winter squash is thick and hard, but when cooked it breaks down into a perfect substitute for mashed potatoes. Add a little nutmeg or allspice to it. You can use it in kabobs, or stir fry too.

6. Cauliflower: Cauliflower is amazing. Bake it with garlic powder, a dusting of curry powder, and some paprika for an earthy heavenly dish that everyone will love. You can eat it raw, steam it, or bake it. It even goes well with breakfast as a substitute for pancakes.

7. Chard: Chard is a leafy green that goes well in salads, omelets, stir fry, soups, and as a main course. You can use chard leaves to wrap foods and then bake or steam them. They work well as a substitution for ravioli.

8. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are welcome at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Add them to an omelet, salad, sandwich, or stir fry. Puree them and make sauce or dressing for chicken, steak, pork, or Tempeh. Tomatoes make excellent snacks and can dress up any meal.

To learn more about how to find no-starch substitutes for your diet, visit the Metabolic Research Center where you will find a community of people working on a healthy lifestyle.


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