Don't Let These Tempting Treats Tank Your Weight Loss Efforts


Over years of helping clients reach and maintain their weight loss goals, specialists here at Metabolic Research Center have learned a thing or two about the temptations that those working to shed pounds face. In fact, many of our dedicated weight loss specialists are former clients who once struggled with the same addictive treats.

Well, we've got some good news. We know just how to battle those temptations in healthy and delicious ways:

  1. Bacon: Rather than down a whole slab, satisfy your craving by using bits of bacon as an added flavor kick to a healthier choice. A delicious example - oven roasted Brussels sprouts garnished with bacon. 
  2. Bread rolls: Choose whole grain options over white breads.
  3. Ice cream: Fruit-topped low-fat yogurt or fresh fruit smoothies do the trick in a much healthier, weight loss-friendly way.
  4. Pizza: This Italian standby doesn't have to be unhealthy. Trade thick, white crusts for thin, whole wheat crusts; canned tomato sauce for fresh; and top with lean meats and lots of veggies.
  5. Potato chips: Try sliced, spiced and baked kale, zucchini or sweet potato chips instead.

For help staying on track with your weight loss goals, visit the Metabolic Research Center website, where you'll find a variety of healthy recipes, as well as pre-packaged products formulated to help you shed pounds. And, for a little extra assistance, call 800-501-8090 to schedule a consultation with a weight loss specialist in your area. 



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This has been one of the most positive experiences of my life! I've tried every fad diet that has come and gone over the years and ended up gaining all of the weight I some more! I had heard about MRC through a friend that had lost 20 pounds in about 2 weeks! I knew I had to check it out! I started in May 2016 and here it is October 2016 and I've lost a total of 73.5 pounds...So far!!! I praise MRC for the hard work and determination that they provide. If you are feeling hopeless go to MRC they are here to help and cheer you along the way!

— Jacob Wallace

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