Healthier Tips for Halloween Treats

Halloween Night

Halloween — night of jack-o-lanterns, outrageous costumes and CANDY! So much candy, in fact, that 4 percent of all the candy eaten in the US during the year is eaten on Halloween night. Ninety million pounds of candy are sold in the week leading up to Halloween, with chocolate leading the pack. Let’s not even think about how many calories that is.

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid Halloween unless you live on top of a mountain with no close neighbors. Not only does the candy start appearing in the stores weeks before the event, you’ll probably want to treat the kids who coming ringing your doorbell. You can keep the holiday healthy for yourself and others. Handing out apples might be healthy, but the children on your doorstep will give a big thumbs down. Other options: small, inexpensive toys or stickers; fancy glow-in-the dark pens or bracelets; miniature Oriental fans; small action figures or individually wrapped cheeses. Try Halloween-themed pencils and erasers, temporary Halloween tattoos or stickers. Since none of these are edible, you won’t have the problem of trying to resist the leftovers.

Although grown-ups don’t usually go trick-or-treating (except in a supervisory capacity) they do go to Halloween parties. Plan ahead to prevent the goodies from calling your name. Stay hydrated by drinking a big glass of water; thirst often masquerades as hunger. A small protein-rich snack, such as a few slices of cheese and carrots, or celery spread with nut butter, will keep you from hitting the buffet like a ravenous scavenger. When you get to the party, take up a station away from the food; preferably sitting down, which means it’s more of an effort to wander toward the food table. Concentrate on the conversations; they’re calorie-free.




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