Grocery Shopping for Good Health – Short-Lived Produce

Fresh Asparagus Spears

Fresh meat and produce are tough to keep in the house. While some vegetables will keep well for weeks in the fridge, others will not. To keep a good variety of fresh foods and plenty of salads on hand, it takes a little more effort but the results are well worth it. Generally speaking, the most delicate vegetables and herbs will demand more vigilance but these are perfect to shop for when you're picking up fresh meats.

Herbs are bought best still alive in the soil.. they won't wilt in a few days and will continue to supply more herbs over time. Other produce should be purchased with a menu plan in mind, so the fresh veggies don't spoil before they can be used, however only the necessary amount should be bought each trip. If two or three quick shopping trips are needed in order to get a varied fresh menu, then that should become your routine.

As a note, there's nothing wrong with frozen vegetables, especially when your favorites are not in-season. Frozen products store well for months, and will be there when you need them. They also retain much of their original nutritional profile. They certainly qualify for good servings of daily vegetables, particularly in a busy lifestyle. Problem is, there aren't that many choices, and they limit textures and applications. It is tough to make a broccoli slaw with frozen broccoli. Since it is easy to dump a lot of unwanted butter or cheese on top, it is important to find healthy recipes that make frozen vegetables more interesting.

Salads are such a broad subject, and have so many delicious and even potentially enchanting possibilities, that it is tough to even begin. The box of lettuce in the fridge can wear so many different dishes that even though alone it is not particularly appealing to consider day after day, changing it up each day can make a big difference to everyone's palate. It all comes down to planning, shopping, cooking and exploring new possibilities every day.

For a healthy menu plan and easy-to-prepare recipes, stop the Metabolic Research Center nearest you. We love to talk food, and when you choose MRC as your weight loss partner, you never have to starve your body. Come celebrate with us today.


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