Buy Groceries When You’re Not Hungry


How many times have you walked into a grocery store while hungry and ended up with a cartful of food instead of the two or three items you walked in for? Studies actually show that there’s something to that – people tend to purchase and eat more food after fasting.

 Skip the Store When You’re Hungry

What’s the best way to avoid this epic pileup of unhealthy foods? Simply avoid heading to the store when you’re feeling hungry. Don’t skip a meal to rush out to go grocery shopping. Not only should you avoid buying groceries while hungry, you also need to make sure you have a list. Make a list and stick with it to keep food choices healthier. 

When You Do Shop Hungry…

While it’s best to avoid grocery shopping while hungry, life happens. Sometimes you just have to get the shopping done and you’re already hungry. Here are a few tips to remember when you’re buying groceries on an empty stomach:

  • Get a health snack. Head to the checkout line, buy a healthy snack, and eat it while shopping to get something in your stomach.
  • Have a list. Once again, the list can save you. Even if you only have time to make a mental list, make one.
  • Carry a basket. If you have to carry everything, you’re less likely to load up on foods you don’t really need.
  • Skip the danger zones in the store, such as the bakery or the snack aisle. This way you’re less likely to buy those unhealthy items.
  • Be prepared. Have a snack bar or other healthy snack in your bag in case you do need to make a last minute trip to the grocery store while you’re hungry.

Not only did a study from Cornell University find that people buy more food when hungry, they often purchase unhealthy foods when hungry. Head to the store on an empty stomach and you may suddenly find yourself with a cart packed with high-calorie, processed foods. It’s not easy to make healthy choices when you’re already feeling hungry.


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