3 Steps to Improve Your Health

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Better health is in everyone's best interest. The real question for Americans is how to find better health that is both long-term and easy to maintain. One answer is to visit the Metabolic Research Center where improving your health is not only easy to maintain, it is also practical, delicious, and fairly easy. In this finding health blog, we outline three little steps to obtaining big health improvements.

1. Address your Diet

Diet in this sense means what you eat on a regular basis. On a whole, packaged foods are high in fat, sugar, and salt. Reducing those three ingredients leads to big health gains. Fat intake is tied to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sugar is tied to diabetes and heart disease. Salt is tied to heart disease, hypertension, and even stroke. Simply decrease those three ingredients helps you find better health today and for the long-term. Add more vegetables. Veggies are full of fiber and fiber leads to improved colon and intestinal health, weight loss, and believe it or not, improves energy levels in the body because some forms of fiber suck up fat before our body absorbs it. Fat is a power drain.

2. Get More Exercise

We are not talking about getting six-pack abs. We are talking about giving your heart a little more of a challenge than just sitting and watching TV. Improved cardiac fitness helps do a lot for weight loss and health. The faster you can move your blood around your body the more it does for you. Your blood delivers oxygen to your cells and picks up cellular wastes such as toxins. The more you circulate your blood (within reason) the better your body functions. What you find is that you have more energy, and more than likely you lose weight. Combine this with a better diet and you definitely lose weight. Cardiac exercise is as simple as going for a fast walk three or more times per week. If you want to kick start your day, do a fast walk in the morning. Twice around the block should do it.

3. Find Support to Help You Meet Health Improvement Goals

Making lifestyle changes to address current and future health issues sometimes require a little support. One place that you can always turn to is the Metabolic Research Center where support is always available. Another good tip is to team up with a few buddies so that you can schedule exercise outings, share meal ideas, and maybe even someone to talk you out of that third cookie.

Support makes a difference. Another good tip is to set goals that are clear and manageable — This week I am going to master Kale as a vegetable. Little steps lead to big changes. The idea here is to find a sustainable way to improve your health long-term.


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