Ditch the Can and Serve Fresh Cranberry Dishes

Two Roasted Chickens Surrounded by Cooked Cranberries

Americans have been serving commercial canned cranberries since 1912. It has become a tradition, but now it might be time to find a new way to eat this fruit that contains less sugar.

Raw cranberries have approximately 4 grams of sugars per serving. If you cook them, you might need to sweeten them a little, so that does raise the sugar content a little. However, you have more control over the sugar content when cooking fresh cranberries and preparing them with a sweetener. Chances are, you can make them taste great with less added sugar than you would if you were going to serve canned cranberries.

Canned cranberry sauce is loaded with processed sugar and other types of sweeteners. Depending upon the brand, added sweeteners spikes the sugar content to about 21 grams per serving. The taste you think you love so much probably is not so much the cranberries but the extra sugary ingredients. If you must eat the store-bought jelled cranberries, do so with caution. One tasty way to use a moderate amount of it is to spread it on a miniature piece of bread with a few small slices of turkey. Use it along with a little butter or just by itself.

The cranberries cooked fresh, on the other hand, seem to have a homemade appeal. Sometimes, they are served hot but also can be enjoyed cold. If you want to have that jelled taste similar to the kind that the canned variety brings, you could also possibly add pectin to it. Using this preservative can help you cut down on sugar, though it too should be used in moderation.

Other natural ways to sweeten your cranberries is to mix them with other fruit in recipes. Oranges, apples, strawberries or cherries might make a great addition to your cranberry sauce. However, you maybe cannot seem to get away from the canned taste that you have grown accustomed to eating.


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