Fall Foods Guide to Snacks and Sides

Basket of Fresh Fall Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and veggies are seasonal and as such, you can find some amazing fall foods at your local farmer's market or grocery store. This is a fast guide to some outstanding fall foods.

Apples: Apples really come into their own during the fall months. In addition to the great taste of freshly picked apples, they bring a bit of versatility to your menu. They make excellent between meal snacks and serve as a long energy source. They work well in green salads as a little pop of sweetness. Of course, you can bake with them such as this recipe for baked apples. They also work well in smart side salads such as this Apple Celery Salad.

Pears: Pears are another fall fruit that is spectacularly easy to use. You can eat them whole, add them to salads, or even spice up your old stand buy by adding them to tuna salad.

Pumpkins: This brightly colored squash is full of fiber. Puree pumpkin and add it to soup to create a thickly rich and flavorful base for stews. Add pumpkin to your favorite meaty spaghetti sauce and it becomes amazing. This Stuffed Lasagna Boat uses spaghetti squash but feel free to substitute pumpkin or any other winter squash. Winter squash and pumpkin also goes well in a stir fry.

Brassicas: Brassica is a large family of cool weather vegetables that includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and mustards. These range from mild to spicy and make the perfect addition to your fall menus. For a healthy and delicious side or appetizer, try this Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Broccoli. What could be better on a cold day than Broccoli Cheese Soup? If you love fish tacos then try spicing them up with some purple cabbage.

The Metabolic Research Center has an entire library of menus that are both healthy and delicious. Add your favorite fall veggies and fruits to standard recipes for a new and healthy treat. If you are interested in losing weight and gaining health without all of the dieting, stop by and discover a world or resources that will help you succeed starting with good food.


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