How a Hormone Imbalance Can Affect Your Weight Loss Plan

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Hormones play an important role in keeping you healthy, happy and stress-free. Unfortunately, there are times when our body makes too much or too little of one or more particular hormones. This results in a hormonal imbalance that affects not just your moods but also your weight loss efforts. If you are gaining weight even though you are sticking to a healthy eating plan, have a larger appetite than normal or experience intense cravings for junk food snacks, consider the fact that your hormones may be at least partly to blame.

What to Do First

Heading off to a doctor's office will not necessarily help solve the problem. Each person is unique so there is no one "standard" for determining whether or not your hormones are enabling you to lose weight or interfering with your weight loss plan. The weight loss specialists at the Metabolic Research Center can help you determine the cause of your imbalance and will recommend lab tests as needed.

It helps to keep track of your daily schedule to get a better idea of what your problems are and when they happen. Take note of the nights you have a hard time getting to sleep, the days you have a hard time feeling full and what times you tend to get cravings. Then tweak your diet plan to deal with your specific problems. Have healthy snacks on hand for the times you get cravings so you aren't tempted to eat junk food. Eat more fiber with your meals as fiber helps your body feel satisfied after eating. Foods rich in tryptophan can help you fall asleep at night; some good foods of this nature include walnuts, almonds, crackers with cheese or canned tuna and pretzels.

Eat Right to Correct Hormonal Imbalances

In many instances, eating right can correct hormonal imbalances that make it hard for you to lose weight. Record your observations about yourself, target your problems with the right healthy foods and soon you will see the positive difference in your weight loss efforts.



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